Autopilot Photogallery

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    January 2011: AUTOPILOT celebrates 10th anniversary! In 2002 were first AutoPilot mapboards placed to the market. When you compare 2002 and 2011 models (see the pictures), evolution is clearly visible. All materials were changed, weight was reduced for 150 grams, but the basic concept and construction has survived. RockyBoy model (name given in 2004) is still simple and reliable. And very light now, easily and quickly adaptable to all combinations handlebar-stem. But not only evolution influenced mapboard portfolio offered nowadays: in 2010 revolutionary model PilotOne was introduced. Also light and reliable, just "click and ride", with futuristic design. And this is a totally new chapter....

   April 2010: RockyBoy model has passed the test mady by with outstanding results

MTBO WOC 2009 (Israel)

  Merida Bike Adventure 2009 (Czech Republic)

  MTBO EOC 2009 (Denmark)

  MTBO EOC 2008 (Lithuania)

  MTBO WOC 2008 (Poland)

   BIKE ADVENTURE 2007 (Czech Republic)

  MTBO WOC 2007 (Czech Republic)

   Aug 2006 - New AUTOPILOT logo launch: MTBO WRE  (Žďár, Czech Republic)

  MTBO WOC 2006 (Finland)

   MTBO WOC 2005 (Slovakia)