AUTOPILOT - pivoted mapholders (mapboards)
       suitable for MTBO, Bike Adventure, and other cycling activities where map is involved

AUTOPILOT offers two basic models:

PilotOne (launched in 2010) and RockyBoy (since 2002). Both models have following features:

1) lightweight
2) easy to install to almost all types of handlebars
3) solid and reliable construction, no trembling at the handlebars when riding your bike

Both mapboard models differ in the base: PilotOne sophisticated base is assembled from alloy laser cut components, can be equipped with full carbon board. RockyBoy base is bended from flat alloy bars. So it is the base which makes the design and price of the whole mapholder, because all 7 sizes of offered boards are universal and can be used either with any PilotOne base.

PilotOne - pivoted mapholder, easy and quick installation, no tools needed. Just "click and ride"!

PilotOne mapholder has been developed mainly, but not only, for top MTBO competitors. Beside MTBO competitors also design lovers and in general all cyclists who need maps will enjoy it. PilotOne mapboards consist of the base and the rotating board - you can choose one of 4 base types - see point b) and c) below - and one of 7 board sizes.

Basic reasons why to purchase PilotOne mapholder:

a) extremely low weight (e.g.model PilotOne SH OS 26 weights 258 grams only)
b) 4 different base models - PilotOne ES (Extra Short, map height above the bars axis 85 mm), SH (Standard Height, map height 112 mm), PilotOne TB (TallBoy, map height 142 mm) and PilotOne AB (AngleBoy, map height 122 mm, 50 mm offset)
c) all base types can be used at 31,8 mm bars (marked OS) or 35 mm bars and with diameter reduction set at 25,4 mm bars as well (marked CL)
easy and fast installation to almost all types of handlebars within approx. 10 seconds
e) the fact that no tools are needed for mapboard installation, just your fingers - „click and ride"
f) solid and reliable construction, no trembling at the handlebars when riding your bike
g) 100% functionality in severe conditions
h)  assembled PilotOne mapholder is a complex unit with no separate screws or any other tiny parts you can forget at home or loose during installation (in thick grass, of course).

All PilotOne base types are delivered normally in black, white or red colour. Anyhow you can also order different colours of the bases (or the base with 3 different colors -see photo of blue base with white and red clamps) as an extra - paid (4 Euro) service – please specify exact colour according to RAL colour chart in the „order specification“ box.

Technical specification:

weight: 258 grams (PilotOne SH OS26 = Standard Height, for OverSize bars, 26x26 cm board). See weight for all types at the order form.

board (map) height above handlebar axis:
ES model: 85 mm
SH model: 112 mm
TB model: 142 mm
AB model: 122 mm + 50 mm offset. See picture with bases comparison above.

inner legs spacing: 50 mm
usable on most of handlebars types: YES
no tools needed for instalation: YES

Optional boards:
30 board
for wide bars (305x305 mm) - in white plastic or in carbon
A4+ board for wide bars (305x280 mm) - in white plastic
A4 board for owners of A4 format map atlases (305 x 240 mm) - in white plastic
26 board for narrow bars (260x260 mm) - in white plastic
Sprint board for MTBO competiton and A4 maps (305 x 210 mm) - in white plastic
26 board for narrow bars (260x260 mm) - in white plastic
You can order any combination of base + rotating board from the Autopilot offer at „On-line mapboards order form“ page. If desired board type is not listed in the on-line form, please type a comment. Thanks. You can own several different boards and use that one which corresponds to the size of the used map.

Technical requirements (see attached picture):


  • maximal stem head width 50 mm. Wider stem head doesn´t allow to place PilotOne mapholder base
  • place for PilotOne movable clamps inserting - some old Shimano LX dual hydraulic levers don´t allow to insert PilotOne movable clamps


PilotOne UNI user´s manual

PilotOne assembly instructions